Friday, June 4, 2010

Now That's A Serious Pie!

Pizza, that is! And what better way to coat your stomach before a night out on the town?

Walking around Seattle is a piece of...pie, of course. Street blocks are not as long or wide as a NYC block / avenue. So this makes for some serious street perusal. Somewhere between Pike Place Market and the Hotel Max is Tom Douglas' Serious Pie.

We had heard about this place from a friend of ours who is a Seattle native. He said it was a must try, but we didn't really pay much attention. We just so happen to stumble across Serious Pie during one of our strolls through the city. I'm glad we walked down that street...

At first I was skeptical. How could this pizza be so good that it would cost $16? But then again, why would there be so many people waiting in line to order or be seated in the restaurant, right? I guess this is a prime example of the saying that the smallest places with the most people waiting are usually the best places to eat.

They only make 8 varieties of pizza, but it almost seems like there's no way to go wrong. All the choices on the menu are mouth watering to read about. We ordered the buffalo mozzarella pie. It may have been the best 6.5" pizza I've tasted in my life. (I had to share the 13" pie.) Haha.

The first bite had that great thin crust crunch with a dash of salt. The mozzarella cheese was perfectly stringy and fresh. Since this was one of 2 pizzas with a tomato sauce base (others are olive oil based), you got that sweetness and tangyness of the San Marzano tomatoes, which some chefs consider to be some of the best sauce tomatoes in the world (says Wikipedia). And now I know why.

We debated going back for another pie, but we had to continue our tours and see all the sites Seattle had to offer, not to mention all the food!

If you're in the mood for some simple, yet elegant food of Italian origin, then this is the place to go.

316 Virginia Street, Seattle, WA 98121