What is DrunkEats?! Well, it's that euphoric feeling you get after a good meal. It's the reason you can't describe what you're eating other than to close your eyes and grin while chewing and sneaking in an "mMmmmMMmMmmmmMMmMM" sound.

These are the moments that should truly be cherished. Sometimes those occasions are planned like during vacations and you know there's a certain dish you have to have before your trip is over. Other times, you may have just finished crushing bar after bar, dance floor upon dance floor, and then BOOM! A monster-like hunger emerges and it must be satisfied. You could be at home kicking it with the homies and before you know it, no one can drive, delivery hours are over, and all you have is a pantry full of surprises, a fridge stocked with carcasses, and a stove itching to be used.

We have developed our very own rating system to help further push our opinions:

 5/5 Shots!
This honor is only given to life changing meals! Ok that might be a bit much, but we have high standards and a hungry mind. To get this honor the dish will have to be top notch.

4/5 Shots!
It almost doesn't get better than this. Meals that reach this level have definitely left a lasting impression on us. Perhaps another taste will boost them up to a 5.

3/5 Shots!
Overall a decent meal. On to the next one. It's good for what it is.


2/5 Shots!
Somebody told us a bad joke. Definitely not eating this again, maybe not coming not even coming back. What else is on the menu?

1/5 Shots!
We are no longer friends.