Friday, December 24, 2010


It’s Friday. It’s cold outside. Comp meal at Zinbuger to preview their grand opening – sounds like a plan.

We had a chance to grab a meal at Zinburger 2 days before their opening this month and in the season to be shopping who would turn down a free meal? Zinburger’s waiting area is tucked neatly inside their front door – not a traditional lobby by any means as the benches are adorned with faux-cow hides. It is only noticeable when you sit down and nearly slide right off the seat as the painted cows on the walls laugh at you in delight.
Despite the crowded room our party is seated within 10 minutes at a cozy booth at the front window of the restaurant. The server is eager to please as his manager is lurking closely to monitor performance both of food and the rest of the wait staff.

In contrast to Bobby’s Burger Palace which is roughly 20 minutes away Zinburger fancies itself a hearty-burger spot crossed with an after-work beer & wine joint – a quick pleaser to daytime professionals on the go for the night life. The menu is straightforward – a burger of your choice for $8 to $12 (or build a burger for some), fresh cut fries by the basket for $5, cocktails & shakes made to order (bottles available). Fresh sweet potato fries or a Gingerbread shake look appealing but when you’re cruising the menu at a 100% Angus beef palace you tend to look for the best.

That is when I spotted it – the $14 Kobe Burger.
Served with mushrooms, lettuce, cheddar & three pickles on the side it’s a small slice of grand cooked medium well. With the staff looking to impress there was plenty of food on the table – both ordered and ‘extra from the kitchen’ – but I was set to enjoy the Kobe. I know what you’re thinking, you DO NOT enjoy Kobe Beef on a burger, but this was different. Kudos to the cooks for fusing a burger with such high end beef and I enjoyed half the plate as a stand-alone burger.

The 2nd half, however, I enjoyed the meat. Stripping away the bun, mushrooms, lettuce, & cheddar the beef is barely held together by the seared edges of the burger patty.

Compliment the sweet Kobe with the Truffle Fries and a Sam Adams. Cap the meal with either of the $5 shakes – KitKat, Gingerbread, or Crème Brulee (no bourbon included) – and you are set for the evening. Beware the $5 Chocolate Cream Pie - temptation on a plate with brownies and Oreo-crust. You'll need more than 1 spoon to slay this colossus.
Sure you could easily toss $25 per head at a place like this but is it worth it? – just for the burger? – YES!

850 Rt. 3 West
Clifton, NJ 07013