Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wasabi Pear Cheesecake - Say What?!

Blackbeard's Dulceria
Twitter: @chefblackbeard

Another post from a friend of Drunkeats! Thanks again Caroline!!!

It’s back to black- Blackbeard’s Dulceria, that is.  Drunkeats tried another one of Blackbeard’s desserts, the Wasabi Pear Cheesecake.  

Now, if you’re like me, you’d be a little hesitant to try anything with wasabi.  Dare you try it?  This root has an extremely strong flavor that produces “hot” vapors that stimulate the nasal passages.  We usually eat it with sushi because it compliments the smooth and cold qualities of the fish.  But who would have thought that this strong flavor could compliment a cheesecake? The fearless Blackbeard chef did!  I know most of us have had that experience of taking just a little too much wasabi on our sushi.  It’s a torture of burning hell in our mouth, but this cheesecake is a perfect blend of contradictions- sweet and spicy, hot and cold, naughty and nice.  You get the point.

Like his other desserts, the cheesecake is rich and creamy yet offset with chunks of pears that make it light and subtly sweet.  And with every bite, there’s that unexpected kick of wasabi.  It’s not overpowering, but just enough to shock the taste buds with a little surprise.  And who doesn’t like surprises?  So for all you daredevils out there, we recommend you try this provocative signature cake from Blackbeard’s that really gets the taste buds going.