Saturday, October 14, 2017

Are You Sweet or Savory?

I'm addicted to sweets. It's my biggest diet downfall. No matter what time of day, I always have a craving for something sweet. I like that tingling feeling at the back of my neck when I indulge in something with some much sugar. Is that strange? I feel more calm. I feel satisfied.

I read an article recently that said sugar is not addictive. I'm pretty sure it was wrong. The basis was that,
“While it is true that a liking for sweet things can be habit-forming it is not addictive like opiates or cocaine,” said Sanders. “Individuals do not get withdrawal symptoms when they cut sugar intake.” 
I'm pretty sure I go through withdrawals every day that I don't have some sort of sugar. Even if it's just for 2 days. I have to eat some candy, cookies, cake, peanut butter, jelly, or fruit just to get my craving fulfilled.

Are you sweet or savory?