Thursday, September 9, 2010

H.T.I.C. (Head Taco In Charge)

El Deportista
1819 E Little Creek Rd
Norfolk,VA 23518
(757) 588-3360
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So I had to pick up one of my homies from work. Instead of going straight home, he offered to buy me lunch for my troubles. I'm a DRUNKEATER, so of course I gladly accepted the offer!

He knows I'm not picky with food, just as long as it's good, I'll eat it. Even if it's not good, I'll probably still eat it. Anyway, so from his work he just told me when to turn and kept on repeating , "You need these taco's in your life!".  Immediately, I thought "Ok, maybe he knows of some  taco spot like Pelon's or Baja Cantina or maybe even Rubio's, out here in Norfolk. MMMMM I can go for some fish tacos for sure!!" I could already taste the crunchy goodness. I know, I know you can get fish taco's grilled but I like the crunchy crunch!

I was wrong about fish tacos....I was deliciously wrong.

Not too far from my homie's work place, he directed me to pull into small shopping center. All he then said was, "Dude, just park at the end of the lot." I parked, we got out, he smoked a cigarette and there we were, right in front of a Mexican/Honduran restaurant called El Deportista.

As you can see. This is definitely nothing fancy at all. I love these type of places. Mom & Pop type of restaurants. So to make a long story short (I know its too late for that at this point.) We were seated immediately, given some tortilla chips and salsa, and began to browse the menu. My homie suggested that I don't even look at anything else besides one thing...TACOS DE CABEZA. Right away, my 5years of grade school espaƱol kicked in..."Tacos of head"....WTF??

Tacos De Cabeza are tacos with a filling of meat off the head of a cow! No carne asada here at all!  I really have no clue how they cook it or what the exact pieces of a cow's head I was looking at.  It smelled like awesome and tasted even better. The meat was tender, well seasoned, and the portions were decent. All on a bed of yellow rice the dish is served with some cilantro and pico de gallo . Everything else sounds typical yeah? So you're wondering about the head meat  again I bet....Gross? NO. Different? YES, I doubt Del Taco or Taco Bell has a version of this on their menus. Spicy? NO, but there's hot sauce available.  Salty? NO, I didn't think so. Life changing? Debatable. Would the cast of Jersey Shore like it? I think they would fist pump after eating it. Would I eat it again? Everyday would be nice, ok maybe not everyday but most days, so to answer the question, YES. So, to sum it all up...  the Tacos de Cabeza is most definitely the Head Taco in Charge.

Drunkeats rating & Final thoughts:

El Deportista's Tacos De Cabeza earns 4/5 shots! Drunkeats eaten and approved! I hope you try this dish if you're ever in the area and if not, hopefully your favorite Mexican restaurant/food truck/etc has cow heads in stock!