Thursday, September 29, 2011

Out of this world hamburger!

Galaxy Diner
3109 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221-3503
(804) 213-0510

That's right! It's a burger topped with mash potatoes and gravy. The burger was your average 80/20 chuck. It was moist and well cooked. It was cooked perfectly and seasoned lightly. The mash was pretty good. I didn't taste it on it's own so I can't really give a full review on that. The smooth brown gravy was on point. The bun was thick enough that it did not become saturated from the gravy. All together these ingredients came together and became something wonderful! It's as if they needed each other to shine. The mash and gravy gave the burger an extra moistness and big kick in flavor. The only thing that could make this burger better would of course be a few strips of thick cut bacon :).

The sides I went with were double fries and a fried pickle. The fries were average, but the fried pickle was amazing. It really brought me back to the days of waking up after an all nighter (of drinking/homework) and having crazy cravings. The seasoned deep fried battered pickle speaks of world peace. I don't know how but it just calms me down.

All in all, Galaxy Diner remains one of my favorite spots in Richmond, Va.