Saturday, September 10, 2011

REAL Lobster Ice Cream!!!

Maynard's Chocolates boasts to have the only ice cream in town to actually incorporate lobster meat into one of their ice cream flavors. And it's true. As we walked around Freeport, ME we saw lobster "inspired" ice cream and lobster colored ice cream, but nothing with actual lobster in it. And then we walked by their small A-frame sign outside on the sidewalk and stopped in to have a taste-test.

When you ask for a sample, the server behind the counter hands you a tasting spoon with the lobster ice cream on it and ensured to include a small lobster chunk. She then explains that when you put it in your mouth, let the ice cream melt, and then chew.

As you follow instructions, BAM! It slaps your tastebuds with the most amazingly interesting combination known to man. Your mind plays tricks with you at first. You are anticipating a cold salt-water-y taste in your mouth, but you are quickly appeased by the sweetness. And as the ice cream melts and you begin to chew, you do actually get the savoryness of the combination.

Sweet AND salty, you wonder? Yes! Because the ice cream base is butter pecan!

So imagine this...the melted ice cream actually acts like butter! Oh, Paula Deen, you would have loved it!!! The buttery sweetness of the warmed lobster meat... oh it's so great! It's almost like a magic trick... I give you ice cream, and you end up with buttered lobster... YUM!

After talking to one of the ladies in the store, I learned that they actually buy their lobster meat from Day's Crabmeat & Lobster Inc. in Yarmouth. We stopped by on the way home and picked up a few fresh lobsters to go. I also learned that it takes around 6-8 one pound lobsters to obtain approximately 1 pound of lobster meat.

It's certainly worth the try if you are in Freeport!

Maynard's Chocolates
124 Main Street
Freeport, ME

Day's Crabmeat & Lobster Inc.

1269 US Rt 1
Yarmouth, ME