Thursday, November 5, 2015

Danish Butter Cookies?

I went to the grocery store the other day to pick up a few necessities. You know, the usual stuff... eggs, milk, yogurt, apples... I follow the setup that the store has and make it a point to walk down every food aisle. You know what I mean? I skip the aisles with greeting cards and detergent and cat food.

After picking up the produce, the first regular aisle is the discount aisle. Who doesn't like a discount? It's the best way to start off your haul. Anyway, at the very beginning of the aisle, I see stacks of these childhood gems. And I couldn't help but have a flashback.

Summers when I was in elementary school were spent at my grandmother's house. Many mornings we had donuts for breakfast, followed by something home cooked for lunch. The afternoons were always special because my grandparents always took "merienda." It's like the afternoon version of brunch. The word originates in Spain, meaning a "light meal." Although, for us, merienda was more like a snack than a meal.

I remember my Lola ("grandmother") always going to her bedroom and coming back to the kitchen with this tin of Danish butter cookies. You know, the one with all the different shaped cookies stacked on top of each other with every 4 cookies separated by the paper wrappers.

I don't know what it was, but the cookies were so addicting. Everyone had a favorite shape. Mine was the pretzel-shaped cookie. And if those ran out (because I ate them all), then I'd go for the horseshoe-shaped one. Everything else was boring. And even though they all tasted the same, it was hard to eat the other shapes. 

One day, after merienda while Lola and Lolo took a nap, I went snooping for Lola's cookie stash in their room. I looked on the dresser, under the side table, on the desk, on the shelves... but I couldn't find it anywhere. Then I decided to look in the oddest spot imaginable... under the bed. And there it was...but why would you keep cookies under the bed? Won't you get pests and bugs? 

No matter... I've found them, and now I could steal away a few extra cookies. But as I opened up the tin, I lost that hunger, that excitement to bite into a butter, crunchy, sweet cookie. I felt... defeat, as I stared into a can of SEWING supplies. #truestory #lessonlearned