Friday, February 5, 2016

Wine and Dine Every Night in Argentina

My wife and I have eaten in many cities / countries around the world, but Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires was one of our favorite places to be hungry (...or were we always full?). In every neighborhood, there was an offering waiting to be sampled.

Too much to write about, I'm just going to share our pictures and names of the places we dined. Get out there and give them a try!

Parilla La Brigada
Estados Unidos 465 - San Telmo
Bueno Aires, Argentina

UCO Restaurant - The Garden @ UCO
Hotel Fierro
Soler 5862 - Palermo Hollywood
Bueno Aires, Argentina

Las Pizarras Bistro
Thames 2296 - Palermo Hollywood
Bueno Aires, Argentina

Grand Cafe
Basavilbaso 1340 - Retiro
Bueno Aires, Argentina

Basa - Basement Bar and Restaurant
Basavilbaso 1328 - Retiro
Bueno Aires, Argentina

Soler 5608 - Palermo Hollywood
Bueno Aires, Argentina

And then there was this GEM!

Kalma Reso - Cocina de Autor
Antartida Argentina 57
Tierra del Fuego - Patagonia
Ushuaia, Argentina

Just a sampling of our food adventure. For full disclosure about all our meals, salivate over @drunkeats on Instagram. 

There was nothing bad about our edible expedition.