Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best DrunkEats of 2011!

Throughout 2011 we have traveled around the country and around the globe. To our surprise we found some of the best food and drink in those various locations. So here are our 3 categories in our 1st Annual Best DrunkEats of the Year!!!

DrunkEats Drink of the Year

Chocolate Shake

Buenas Migas
Plaza del Mar, 1
08002 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: 93 319 13 80

Trust that this is the best chocolate shake ever! This came as such a surprise that a photo was never even able to be snapped of what we like to call "liquid love." This is not just any chocolate shake. It had the perfect texture with chocolate shavings and the smoothness of the milk. And the taste was heavenly, not too sweet and overpowering, but a healthy dose of chocolate goodness.

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DrunkEats Food of the Year

Lobster Ice Cream

Maynard's Chocolates
124 Main Street
Freeport, ME

Yes! It has REAL lobster incorporated into their butter pecan ice cream. The result, a cold spoon of sweetness, followed by the warm buttery lobster chunk. It's like a magic trick! Give it a try!

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DrunkEats Restaurant of the Year


Promenade Shops at Clifton
850 State Route 3, #105
Clifton, NJ 07012
Phone: 973 272 1492 

We don't have a better photo that this?! Oh well, it's not about the photo, it's about the burger...The Kobe Burger! You can't find a better burger for $14. I don't care what anyone says. And it's hard to pick something else on the menu. 9 times out of 10, I'm ordering the Kobe. Try it and see if you can resist.

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